Dataprocess International SpA
Dataprocess International SpA was established by the Dataprocess Group that finds its origin in the Dataprocess SpA, an engineering company founded in 1974, in order to initiate an internationalization process Our strengths are technology Partners and important commercial references in the Retail, Industrial and Pharmacies markets.

Our key point is the Design and Engineering throughout Weighing systems, Labelling systems, POS systems, Automation and Management of retail point of sale, Tools and Services Solutions in Pharmacy. . The development of solutions that manage the weight measurement represent the point of departure, to evolve over time to other applications and technologies. The strong point is the integration of products- solutions design by Dataprocess Group in synergy with third parties .
Being an international reference evolved capable of providing technology and innovation with a strong propensity to develop even beyond the European continent.

Be a point of reference in projects where development is really able to sustain over time the reproduction of the economic capital, human / social and natural environment.
The MISSION associated with this strategic vision is to meet the needs of customers, aiming for excellence by engineering hardware platforms, software and projects that help to grasp the opportunities offered by new technologies.

Giving a boost to new markets with particular interest to the food industry and the retail trade, including through participation in business networks.

Implement projects in the network, in the market of pharmacies, with the participation of regions, associations, healthcare and medical organizations, transferring the services, easily accessible, in areas of proximity. Design and implement a model of sustainability for the Health System.